URBAN Composter
URBAN Composter - Large Size, 4 Gallon

URBAN Composter - Large Size, 4 Gallon

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Make Compost Tea Indoors with this Countertop Composter

The Urban and City Compost Bucket City Composters are designed to provide a simplified Bokashi organic flat top waste management system perfect for urban dwellings with little or no yard waste. All types of food scraps are accepted (including meat, fish, veggies, fruit, dairy, coffee, etc). Keep food scraps out of the trash and convert them to your own nutritious plant fertilizer. Within days, scraps will become liquid nutrition for your plants. The solids left behind will compost in about six weeks if mixed into soil. Use with Urban Compost accelerator, sold separately, speeds decomposition, helps manage odors and collect liquid fertilizer from spigot.

This bucket makes it possible to breakdown organic waste inside the kitchen without a smell or attracting flies. The lid is made to fit very tight.

Sophisticated Leachate Collection Composting, with a Simplified System

Each bucket comes with screen platform inside allowing the Urban & City Composters to collect leachate (liquid run off) - which diluted makes great Compost Tea. The liquid can be removed through the shelf locking spout.


  • Fits on kitchen counter
  • Holds 2 gallons of kitchen scraps
  • Eco-friendly way to make fertilizer for your garden or houseplants
  • size 12" D x 10.6" H; weight 1.65 lbs
  • Made in Australia