Compost Wizard Thermometer

Compost Wizard Thermometer

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Temperature plays an important role in the composting process. Decomposition occurs most rapidly between 110 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (44-71 Celsius). With the Compost Wizard Thermometer, you can determine exactly which bacteria are most active and the best steps to take next. Psychrophilic (55-77 F), Mesophilic (70-100 F) and Thermophilic (113-160 F) are the three major groups of bacteria. As temperatures increase, so does the amount of composting activity as the next group takes over. If your pile is too cool, it may mean you need more raw materials or it isn't receiving enough basic ingredients such as moisture or air. Your pile may even get too hot and require water or extra turning to cool down. The Compost Wizard Thermometer will give you the insight you need to make sure your compost is operating at optimal temperatures. The stainless steel construction will hold up against corrosion and use. The large display dial has a bright red hand that gives you precise measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. With this thermometer, your compost humus will be nutrient rich and ready in no time. And best of all, it works on piles and compost bins, alike. Compost like a pro with the Compost Wizard Thermometer.

Compost Wizard Thermometer Features:

  • Compost thermometer
  • 19 inch stainless steel probe
  • Easy to read dial
  • 0 to 220 Fahrenheit and -17.8 to 104 Celsius
  • Great for determening bacterial activity
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


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